Data Centers & MSP PCI Policy Packet Compliance Toolkit Starter Edition

The Data Centers & Managed Services Providers (MSP) PCI Policy Packet Compliance Toolkit - STARTER Edition - is our all-in-one, comprehensive package containing over 500 pages of Version 3.2 PCI DSS policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates, highly essential provisioning and hardening documents, PCI project management spreadsheet, security awareness training documentation, and so much more.  Developed specifically for Data Centers & Managed Services Providers (MSP), the material is incredibly in-depth, easy-to-use, and available for immediate download. It’s an extremely detailed set of documents essential for developing the dozens of much-needed operational and information security policies and procedures for PCI DSS compliance, while also saving hundreds of operational man-hours and thousands of dollars.

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You’ll receive a comprehensive zip file containing the following eight (8) sections:

  • Section I: A detailed overview for becoming PCI DSS compliant: Our detailed overview page is a step-by-step list of actions to be undertaken by your organization for ensuring all aspects of PCI compliance have been thoroughly understood and met.
  • Section II: PCI DSS Specific Policies and Procedures Manual: You’ll receive over 260 + pages full of policies, procedures, forms, checklists, and other supporting documents aligned DIRECTLY with each of the twelve (12) PCI DSS reporting mandates.
  • Section III: PCI DSS Provisioning and Hardening Documents: This Section is not included.
  • Section IV: Information Security Policies and Procedures Manual: You'll receive an Information Security Manual that's over 100 pages long, complete with industry leading policies, procedures, and processes as mandated by PCI DSS.
  • Section V: Security Awareness Training Packet & Employee Quiz: Our security awareness training packet includes a professionally developed PowerPoint Presentation (105 slides), in-depth employee awareness training manual (60 pages long), checklists, a certificate of completion template, and more. You'll also receive a thirty (30) question employee quiz consisting of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and True | False questions.
  • Section VI: PCI DSS Project Management Template: This Section is not included.
  • Section VII:  Business Continuity an Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) Manual:  This Section is not included.
  • Section VIII: Risk Management and Risk Assessment Template Packet: The risk assessment template packet covers all categories of risk - offering straightforward guidance and expertise for ensuring organizations perform the necessary steps and supporting measures for a “true” risk assessment process. 
  • Section IX: Incident Response Plan Packet: Our packet comes complete with documented policies and procedures, along with essential forms and templates to be used as necessary. Additionally, incident response measures are a strict mandate for PCI DSS compliance.
  • Section X: Fraud Policy and Procedures Manual: This Section is not included.
  • Section XI: Third-Party Service Provider Monitoring Packet:  This Section is not included.
  • Section XII: PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance Template: You’ll also receive a professionally developed certificate of compliance template to be completed and displayed after successfully meeting all stated requirements as mandated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  • Section XIII: Free Updates for Version 3.2 PCI: This Section is not included.

Together, all seven (7) sections provided in the Data Centers & MSP PCI Policy Packet Compliance Toolkit - STARTER Edition become your authoritative guide and policy documentation for helping achieve PCI DSS compliance in an efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive manner. You’ll be purchasing much more than just PCI policies and procedures, you'll be obtaining high-quality documentation that provides essential ingredients for PCI success, now and in the future.


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