PCI Compliance Consulting Package | Premier Edition

pcipolicyportal.com offers a comprehensive PCI DSS compliance consulting package for helping all types of businesses become compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) mandates.  Notable elements of our industry leading consulting services include the following:

  • Properly scoping your organization for PCI compliance as it relates to a number of critical issues, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Debit/Credit (i.e., payment) Card “Transaction Environment” for purposes of understanding the scope of PCI DSS. This includes an examination of all physical locations and the underlying structure of the cardholder environment.
    • Hardware/Software systems, (known as “system components”) and all supporting network devices, operating systems (O/S), applications, and databases.
    • Significant third party out sourcing entities and managed service providers, etc.
    • Internal assessment of available personnel within your organization.
  • In-depth walk-through of all 12 core PCI DSS standards necessary for meeting compliance as it relates to PCI DSS Level I Service Provider Compliance. 
  • Actual reviewing of all technical configuration files, system settings and operational documentation for ensuring compliance with PCI DSS is being met (Included in the Premier Edition only).
  • Initial review and analysis of current policies, procedures, and initiatives throughout the organization for meeting PCI DSS compliance.
  • Development of ALL required PCI policies, procedures and related documentation as mandated by the PCI DSS standards.
  • Working with all external third party outsourced entities for properly assessing and scoping your organization for PCI compliance.


  • Comprehensive set of fully completed and customized PCI policies, procedures, and other supporting documentation.
  • Customized PCI Security Awareness Training Program for your organization, including PPT and training manual.
  • Active assistance in researching and recommending numerous software tools and utilities for PCI compliance.
  • Assistance with the completion and filing of all administrative documentation to applicable parties validating PCI compliance for your organization.

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