PCI DSS Security Awareness Training Packet

PCI Security Awareness Training for employees is a strict mandate for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Trust the experts at pcipolicyportal.com for all your security awareness training needs with our comprehensive training packet that contains a detailed PowerPoint slide presentation (dozens of slides), in-depth security awareness training manual (50 + pages), I.T. secure coding training checklist, employee tracking spreadsheet, along with a certificate of completion template. It’s an incredibly high-quality, easy-to-use training packet covering dozens of essential security topics, for both end-users and I.T. professionals.

Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on high-cost awareness training - all that’s needed is the PCI Security Awareness Training Packet from pcipolicyportal.com. From just a few employees to a few thousand - or more - the PCI Security Awareness Training Packet is a must-have for PCI compliance. Additionally, your options for offering security awareness training are now greatly expanded - employees can view slides, or just read the security awareness manual - or possibly both - you decide!

Specifically, you’ll receive the following:

  • Comprehensive PowerPoint Slide Presentation. To be used for training all employees on PCI DSS specific security awareness initiatives (Approximately 105 training slides).
  • In-Depth Security Awareness Training Manual. Complete with a signature acknowledgement form - to be given to each employee as a quick reference guide on important security issues (Approximately 60 pages long).
  • Security Awareness Secure Coding Training Checklist. A must-have document for any organization developing or offering web-based software products and services.
  • Employee Tracking Sheet. Excel template for effectively tracking all employee security awareness training initiatives, such as start date, completion, and more.
  • Certificate of Completion Template. To be awarded to each employee upon successfully viewing the PowerPoint slide presentation and reading the security awareness training manual.

View sample PPT screen, sample content from the manual, along with the table of contents for the security awareness training manual.

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